The First Employment for Job Seekers

by Ngeow Yoke Meng
There are quite a number of conventional ways to discover job vacancies:

applying directly to employer or personnel manager.
sending resumes and application letter to company via Internet and mail.
contacting family members, friends or anybody who may know about job leads.
answering job vacancy advertisements published in print media.
checking public employment agency and recruitment center listing of job vacancies.
using college career counseling and placement office referrals.
attending career fairs sponsored by organization.
applying and taking tests for civil service positions in government.
However, the more aggressive job seekers may find that they should not just wait passively to hear from companies or employment agencies. Instead of seeking jobs, they can actually create job opportunities by talking to people who have the power to hire. Fresh graduates or job seekers without any work experience may feel shy to ask around but remember: if you fail, there is nothing to lose (because you have nothing to lose anyway)

You are at the best position to do this if you have a specialized skill which is much needed in a company to better its products or services. Try to reach the person in charge of recruitment to listen to you. Explain to them how you can contribute with the knowledge and experience you have. By doing so you will create a new job in a new company which is tailor-made, just for you.

If you are looking for the very first job in life which means you have no work experience at all, try to emphasize on occasional or part-time jobs which you took up during school vacations or even co-curriculum activities which you participated in.

If you are not in a hurry to find the first employment, try doing some research and take time to ask people which occupational field you should join. Time and energy invested should be worthwhile for you when you finally find the job that suits you well.

Finally, try to interview persons in charge of personnel, recruitment or those who work with employment agencies. Get information that are relevant to your field of interest and make the right choice.

Good luck and regards from to you.

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