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Author: Tanya Willette

So you are considering a new job, great! Now you need to make sure your job search is effective. Before starting your job search on the wrong foot, make sure you consider the following:

Job Search Tip #1: Update Your Resume

Before you start searching for a new job, update your resume! Your resume will play an important role in landing you an interview, as it is the only representation of yourself the employer will see before the actual interview. Keep in mind, the goal is to say a lot in a little. Some employers don’t even get past the first page so if you have a thirty page resume, well, you can fill in the blank.

Job Search Tip #2: Use Your Network, Build a New One

The best candidates for a job position are ones referred by a company’s current employees. If you have a friend in a company, connect with them. If you want to connect with an individual that works at a company, look into social networks. Make a friend, get a referral!

Job Search Tip #3: Stay Updated, Read the News

Now you don’t have to read the entire paper, and you don’t have to visit every news website. Just look at the highlights. For example, if a company announces they plan to begin development on a new product, they may be hiring; if a company announces their profits decreased by 35% this quarter, they might experience layoffs in the very near future. Submit your resume to the companies that may be hiring, try to avoid the ones that may experience layoffs!

Job Search Tip #4: Aggressively Research the Company

If you are considering a particular company, made sure you research it! Now, this doesn’t mean you can get away with simply visiting their website; you have to work a little harder. See what kind of dirt you can dig up. For example, if they have only been in business for a year, look into what types of products they are looking to develop; if they have been in business for a while, look into how they have been doing. Public image, law suits, any information is pertinent and can directly affect you as an employee.

Job Search Tip #5: Consider a Recruiter

Keep in mind that not all recruiters are the same. There are plenty of recruiters out there who will invest a lot of time and effort into matching you with the perfect job and the perfect company!

Job Search Tip #6: Consider a Temporary Job

This tip is only for you if you have been out of work for a while. Having a temporary job will show initiative, build you experience with a new company, increase the size of your network, and most importantly, get you paid!

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